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Membership Benefits:
General Membership includes the following benefits ($25):
Your membership gives you a voice in the club's endorsements and other important matters in our community. As a member you can join the club’s committees and engage with other members to organize, educate and bring positive changes to our communities. As a member you get a discount on Maldonado Family Wines when submitting the requested form.
Family Membership ($40):
Engage alongside your family on matters of importance in our cities, county, communities and participate in collective dialogues. This membership includes three votes, $10 for any additional family member. Please complete individual applications for each family member.
Student ($10):
         Any student  residing in Napa County – state or school ID can be presented.
Senior ($15):
         Any senior (65+) residing in the County of Napa – state, AARP or other identification. 
Veterans ($15):
Any honorably discharged veteran residing in the County of Napa – state or veteran identification can be presented. If the discharge is dishonorable, veteran can join at a general membership fee.

For the first time, Napa County has a Latinx Democratic Club. Working to leverage our community's biggest asset- Our Voice - join us as we empower our fellow Latinx Community to have a seat at the table and make it count.

Membership Meeting
November 2020,
Date and time to be determined.
Governance Meeting

September 23, 2020,

October 7, 2020,

October 21, 2020,

November 18, 2020.

Civic Action Committee



Help us meet our mission and continue to speak for over 40% of the Napa County Community! Representing Latinx issues in every city of our County.

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